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Linux/RK API Documentation

You can download Linux/RK API documentation.

  • 2013-07-07 version: Download
    - Added new APIs to the documentation
    - Fixed minor errors

Loading Linux/RK kernel module

Linux/RK is implemented as a kernel module rk.ko that must be loaded before executing any application that requires the RK APIs. If the module is not loaded, all the RK APIs will return -1 as an error condition.

The RK module is in LinuxRK/mcrkmod/. Please note that in order to load it, you need a modified version of the Linux kernel (distributed together with the RK) that exports some hooks used by the module.
To use Linux/RK:

  1. Configure and compile the kernel image
    - go to the Linux/RK directory (e.g., LinuxRK/)
    - do 'make config/menuconfig', ensuring that the Linux/RK kernel option is set. You can also use preconfigured files in the Linux/RK directory.
    - do 'make' (put -j option to speed up compilation on multi-core platforms)
  2. Install the kernel image and boot it
    - copy the kernel image to the boot directory (e.g., LinuxRK/arch/x86/boot/bzImage to the /boot directory)
    - update your boot loader if necessary (e.g., grub)
    - reboot
  3. Configure the RK module (optional)
    - go to the LinuxRK/include/rk/ directory
    - open rk_common.h and read the description
  4. Compile the RK module
    - go to the LinuxRK/mcrkmod/ directory
    - type 'make'
  5. Load the module
    - type 'sudo insmod rk.ko'
    - use a 'mem_size' option for the physical page pool of RK memory reservation (e.g., for 4GB memory pool, sudo insmod rk.ko mem_size=4096)

When you are done with using Linux/RK, the RK kernel module can be unloaded by 'sudo rmmod rk'.

How to build applications with Linux/RK?

In order to build an application with Linux/RK APIs, the source code must be written in C and the source file must include rk_api.h.

Several example applications can be found in the LinuxRK/mcrkmod/utils/ and LinuxRK/mcrkmod/tests/ directory. Makefile in that directory tells you how to compile RK applications.

Papers on Linux/RK

Papers describing various aspects of the design and implementation of the resource kernel can be found at "Publications".