Real-Time & Multimedia Systems Lab

Welcome to the home-page of the Real-Time and Multimedia Systems Laboratory (RTML).

RTML performs research in all aspects of cyber-physical systems with a particular emphasis on real-time operating systems, scheduling theory and resource managment for single-core and multi-core processors, schedulability analysis tools, model-based design tools for real-time systems, wired/wireless networking, and wireless sensor networks. Application domains of special interest include multimedia systems, automotive systems, and smart cyber-physical environments such as smart buildings/homes.

RTML is directed by Prof. Raj Rajkumar. Laboratory members can be found here.

Work in the lab pioneered the reservation-based approach to real-time operating systems. Spinoffs from RTML include TimeSys and 360 Sensing. Theoretical work including priority inheritance protocols carried out at the lab has also received wide acclaim and has seen widespread adoption in commercial products and industry standards.

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